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Your one stop guide to exploring the major community issues. For all the advice you could need on being a good neighbour and how to get the most out of living in Bristol. Explore our street scene above to find out more.

Bristol Neighbours is a partnership between both Universities, their Students Unions, Bristol City Council, and Safer Bristol. Together we aim to make Bristol an ever better place to live for all of its residents.

Get to know more by visiting these sections:

Refuse and Recycling - All you need to know about bins and recycling - find out more >>

Crime and Safety - Being crime free and safe - learn more >>

Noise - Be aware of your responsibilities - discover more >>

Events - Find out what's going on  - find out more >>

Housing - You need somewhere to live and you need to know your rights  - learn more >>

Community - You live in one, be part of one - discover more >>

Transport and Parking - Important information for those new to Bristol - find out more >>

Getting Involved - Get your voice heard - discover more >>

Latest News

Bristol Neighbours will be organising a local street festival in 2019. The festival will take place in the local area and will include live music (see sizzlingtickets.com for concert tickets), food, standup comedy, and various other live events, along with entertainment for our younger residents.

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