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Bristol Neighbours was originally a site launched by the University of Bristol Students' Union to help engage students with the community and to encourage a positive relationship between students and the rest of Bristol's residents. The original focus was to become more proactive in the way the Student Union approached problems in the community and to better educate students on the relevant issues.

The campaign evolved when a number of key stakeholders took an active interest in wishing to pursue the Bristol Neighbours idea. This included the collaboration between the University of Bristol Students' Union and The University of the West of England Students' Union. Together we worked to create a campaign that would be relevant for students across the city, studying at both universities.

The project grew considerably and with generous contributions from the stakeholders, and by working together, the website www.bristolneighbours.com was born.

Everyone involved with Bristol Neighbours is passionate about building a sustainable community in Bristol. We believe in the importance of being a good neighbour and recognise the social responsibility we all have.

Bristol is a great place to live and we want to make sure it stays that way!


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