Community Values

Just how do good neighbours become good friends? 

Well the first step is actually becoming a good neighbour and clearly this does not involve turning your life into an Australian soap opera. We think you would be much better off following our simple guide to becoming the perfect resident.


Say Hello

When you move into a new property, introduce yourself to your neighbours. Establishing a good relationship from the start will be crucial further on down the line when you may need help moving your bins, or when you might need help in an emergency. Try to get to know your neighbours, because when there is a problem you will be in a position to talk it through. As a rule, never underestimate the power of good communication between neighbours. Similarly if someone new moves in next door, why not go round with a welcoming present?


Keep It Clean

A guaranteed source of annoyance for anyone is having neighbours that let their house resemble the local dump. When it comes to houses, it really is what’s on the outside that counts. Try not to let the bins overflow or allow litter to spill out. Keep furniture inside, and when putting out recycling keep it confined to the specific boxes and be aware of bin and recycling collections


Be Noise Aware

Hopefully by getting to know your neighbours you will gain a better understanding of their lifestyles. If you live next to someone who has children or next to someone who is elderly, respect their needs. This is of real significance when it comes to noise. It’s not a good idea to put TV’s, stereos, or any other items of equipment that make loud noises right up against shared walls. In addition be careful when the windows are open as it can be so easy to forget just how loud music is when you are listening to it whilst doing something else. In general, be considerate. Just imagine how annoyed you get when another housemate or neighbour has their music turned up loud. Remember to take extra care when having house parties.


Cars, Cars, and more Cars, and Parking

It is no secret that in Bristol our streets are overrun with cars throughout the year. With varying opinions on what to do with our streets the important point to remember is that if you are living in a residential area, you must respect the speed limits and parking limitations. Fast and the furious Bristol ‘aint.


Get Involved

Most parts of Bristol have their own set of community groups that arrange socials, and various other events throughout the year to get to know each other. Don’t be afraid to get involved; community fundraisers, situations with tea and cake; street parties; neighbourhood watch meetings. If you receive flyers through your door, have a read and go along to the event or meeting with your housemates, you never know, you might even enjoy yourself.


Mutual Respect

If there is ever a problem between yourself and your neighbours the best approach to take is one that relies on compromise and positive communication, so no swearing, bashing, banging, or anything that can be called anti-social. Posting letters full of malcontent through neighbours’ doors generally does not resolve issues. Face to face conversation is far better.



Did you know...

Bristol is a great place to live, lets keep it that way by respecting each other...

Everybody needs good neighbours!!


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