Safety at night

When going out at night it is crucial to stay safe and to look out for yourself, friends and others.

Personal Safety



If you think you are being followed:

Cross over the road, if you are followed, cross back again,

If you are still concerned, go to the nearest public place, a shop, pub or house with lights on or call the police on 999,

Do not use enclosed pay-phones, in which you could become trapped,

If someone tries to grab your possessions, do not resist. Try to get a good look at them, and then call the police, giving your location, the description and the direction the assailant went off in.



When going home at night it is best to take a taxi, but there are important points to check to ensure it is a licensed cab.

There are two sorts of taxi - Hackney carriages - often London type cabs (now Bristol Blue as from 1st May), or vehicles with Taxi roof signs. All have Council plates front and back with a white background with black lettering. They are allowed to pick up at ranks and when flagged down. They must run on the meter when working within the city boundary. For a journey outside the boundary they must either charge on the meter or negotiate a price before the journey starts. No negotiation - they must run on the meter.


The other sort is private hire cars. Most of these are saloons and they don't have roof signs. The plates are again to the front and rear, but they have a yellow background. They are not allowed to pick up when flagged down, or at ranks. If you get in one in those circumstances it will not be insured - nor will the passengers. They must be prebooked.


Drivers of both categories are required to wear a Council issued identity badge, and to have a similar badge on view in the vehicle. Hackneys should have a fare tariff on display.

If they break the rules the council can prosecute them at worst, or warn them at the least. They will need details of who is making the complaint, and details (i.e. vehicle plate and preferably driver badge number) to trace the driver.


Did you know...

As of 1st May all licensed Bristol taxis are painted Bristol Blue.

Private hire vehicles are all other colours except Bristol Blue

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