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A common criticism of students is that on mass they are apathetic. Some students probably don’t care about what’s going on in Bristol or how they can get involved in the decision making that goes on. If you are visiting this site we are guessing you probably do care.

From recycling in your area, to the number of streetlamps on your road, to climate change, getting involved and voting means if you want to, you CAN have your say.

Why should I vote?

  • Voting gives you the opportunity to have your say on the issues that matter to you.
  • It gives you the chance to have your say on who represents you, locally, nationally, and abroad.
  • People have died for their right to vote. Democracy is important and by voting you can prove you think it is important too.
  • As a student you can register at home and in Bristol so that you can vote in both areas in local elections.
  • It’s simple. Just fill out a form and send it off (see below).

How do I vote?
The first stage is to get registered! To register to vote in Bristol just click this link and follow the directions to get signed up to the electoral register

Once registered you will receive the necessary information to vote.

I Need More Information!

To learn more about your vote visit
To learn more about voting in Bristol visit



Did you know...

If you're at Bristol Uni, you can register to vote on campus on Friday, 25 March and Monday 28 March. Join the facebook group at





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