House Hunting

The first and most important thing is don’t panic!

Too many students freak out at the prospect of finding a house and as a result get a group of people together by Christmas and search for a house almost immediately. Moving too fast can have its problems and often the problems only appear when you have signed the contract and moved in.

The questions that are guaranteed to stress you out!

Who to live with?

When faced with the prospect of living with the same people for a year or more it’s always a good idea to get to know them. That way there will be less surprises. It’s a sad fact that while we might want to live with the people we go out and have fun with, living with them might be completely different. Understanding each other’s lifestyles, likes, and dislikes, is crucial when agreeing to live together.


Where to live?

Redland, Gloucester Road, Kingsdown, Bedminster, Cotham, Clifton????? With so many great options in Bristol it is understandable that so many students get confused.  It’s important to realise that each area comes with its own set of pros and cons and can be really different, both in cost and atmosphere. 


What to look for?

It can be hard to know what to look for when judging a house and the area.  You need to consider COST, LOCATION, & CONDITION. Do your research and it will help when on the house hunting case.  Don’t suffer for a rubbish house in a poor location with people that quite frankly give you the fear. Take your time, breathe, and most importantly go to the qualified people that can help answer all these questions. 


Ultimately house hunting will take over your life for a period of time and will be stressful, but both Universities have comprehensive guides to finding houses and lots of advice when it comes to making decisions about who to live with and where. The help is there and waiting to be used, so our advice is use it. Plus it helps to get the facts when dealing with housing!!



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For all other accommodation related concerns just click on the relevant University’s Accommodation homepages:





Did you know...

Getting advice from Qualified people is best!


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