We all know how annoying it is when you are trying to finish that essay the night before the deadline and your housemate or your neighbour decides it would be a great time to test out their new sound system until the early hours. 

When it comes to noise it's all about having respect for each other and your neighbours.

Ultimately it should never get to the stage where anyone has to make a complaint so keep noise levels to a minimum and make sure that any noise doesn't stray outside as far as possible.

If you feel as though noise levels are getting a bit too much, the best thing to do is to go and see your house mate or neighbour and tell them politely that the music coming from their room is disturbing you and could it please be turned off or at least down. If someone comes to you with this request then you should be sensitive to them and lower the noise. They might have to get up very early for work the next day or have young children and being kept up all night by loud music is the last thing they want.

If you (or your neighbours) feel that the sound levels are getting out of hand and requests to lower the noise levels have not been heeded then contacting the Noise Pollution Officers at Bristol City Council to make a complaint is perfectly reasonable. If students are in the house then the accommodation office of the relevant university can be contacted and a complaint made.

Also remember that shouting outside, revving car engines or slamming front doors is unlikely to go down well with your neighbours late at night.

House Parties

Tell your neighbours about your party well before it happens and invite them (if you feel it is appropriate). Let them know what time you expect it to finish and stick to this time.

Be aware of the number of people invited. Having the event publicised on Facebook could result in a lot more people coming than you can handle. Watch out for gatecrashers, there is a lot more chance that a random person will trash your house than a friend.


Remember if your property gets damaged, it is you that will have to pay. Keep an eye on the place and keep your valuables in a safe and hidden location. That means laptops, expensive jewellery, and whatever else you deem valuable.


If someone does knock on your door to complain try to act as reasonably as possible (preferably not with a bottle of bear in your hand) and be sensitive to their requests. Reduce the noise levels and move back inside if the noise has managed to get outside.


If you are having trouble with noise you can report it to Bristol City Council through their website:

Or to the relevant University Accommodation Office

University of Bristol:

University of Western England:

Did you know...

Sound carries further in the dark of night…


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