Cars and Parking

Anyone who has driven around in Bristol, taken a taxi, or even walked down the street knows how overrun the streets of Bristol are with cars. The added bonus is that it is hellish trying to get a parking space.


When coming to University one of the significant pieces of advice you receive is to leave your car at home. The truth is, having a car can be brilliant, but in Bristol you can more than get by without one. As a student leaving the car at home is one less hassle and one less financial burden to worry about.



Both UWE and the University of Bristol  have travel plans designed to reduce their environmental impact and have introduced car sharing schemes and car clubs.






For more information about their Travel Plan strategies just visit either UWE’s or the University of Bristol’s transport web pages.



For all the information on parking in Bristol and to find local car parks just visit 



If you do decide to bring a car to Bristol it’s important to get clued up on the parking zones. The council has specific pay and display controlled parking zones (CPZ) and these are extending. 


Over the past two years consultations have gone on to inform the Residents Parking Scheme project. Essentially this scheme looks at controlling parking in the residential areas of Bristol by using parking permits, pay and display, and limiting the amount of visitor permits each household can acquire. 


The consultation results have been analysed and as a result parking in areas such as Cliftonwood and Kingsdown are being further investigated.  If you live in these areas and want to learn more you can visit the council’s website 


Did you know...

Its hard to find a parking space in Clifton, Bristol…



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